P.O. Box 752
New Paltz, NY 12561

Kohenet Renée Finkelstein (Hebrew Priestess)

Visiting Jewish Renewal Luminaries include:
Rabbi Andrew Hahn, PhD, "The Kirtan Rabbi"
Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD
Shoshana Jedwab (musician and founding faculty member at Kohenet Institute)
Yoel Sykes (musician, Spiritual Director, rabbinical student)

Mission Statement

Kol Hai supports the Journey of the Soul.

Message from Our Spiritual Leader

Kol Hai is Hudson Valley’s embodied, transformative, earth-based Jewish Renewal community. We share heartfelt connection, contemplative practice, embodied spirituality, and earth-honoring rituals.

At the core of all of our programming is soul-stirring, timeless music. Inspired by the hasidic practice of ecstatic chanting, we gather for Kabbalat Shabbat in a candle-lit circle to see and hear each other. We sing, dance, and uplift each other as we find strength in our roots and fulfillment in the sacred present.

Kol Hai is committed to welcoming and indeed celebrating “All Life” - all ages, genders, races, religious backgrounds, and lifestyles. We are open to anyone with an affection for or connection to Jewish culture and practice. We make opportunities for our members to share their gifts, ideas, and talents. We uplift the feminine and other marginalized voices. We all come here together to search for relevance and meaning in the beautiful antiquity of the Jewish tradition.


  • 1st and 3rd Friday Kabbalat Shabbat Services
  • Levites Musician’s Circle - Be part of the shabbat choir or band!
  • Sharing Circles - Women’s, Men’s, and Non-binary Circles
  • Monthly visits by Jewish Renewal Luminaries
  • Forest Hebrew School - Experiential Religious School in Nature
  • Transformative Holiday Experiences
  • Shabbat Contemplative Retreats
  • Life Cycle Rituals,
  • Dance Parties, Potlucks, and Discussions

Streams of Judaism

  • Egalitarian
  • Independent/Unaffiliated
  • Hasidic